What will I be paid?
The payment for each deliverer is determined by a number of factors. These include the number of items you deliver to each household, the number of houses to deliver to, how close the houses or flats are within your delivery round and how steep your delivery round is. Your distributor will discuss what rate is applicable to the delivery round you choose.

When do I get my pay?
Payment is made directly to your nominated bank account within seven (7) days of you completing your delivery round.

How do I get my catalogues to deliver?
Each distributor has a depot centrally located within their delivery territory. Catalogues can be picked up from the depot the day before the delivery is scheduled to start or by special arrangement with the distributor.

Can I get my family to help me deliver?
Yes. Family members can help you make deliveries in your delivery round.

Can I deliver in the area that I live?
Every effort will be made to allocate you a delivery round in your local area. Your distributor will be able to discuss which areas are available.

Do I have to deliver at specific times?
Catalogues are delivered once a week. This is known as “Walk Window”, that falls mid-week and required to be delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday.